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Now: Updated 3/20/24

What we're doing now, inspired by Derek Siver’s /now page movement.


I've struggled a lot for a very long time with going around in circles about so many things because of not being sure of the "right" way of doing what I wanted to do........ a "now" page feels very freeing in that regard! Because it's supposed to be literally whatever and there's nothing for me to overthink about myself or my goals with it - it has the permission to change at any time without being wishy-washy or confused or whatever. It takes me back to the earliest days of our site where there was nothing to compare to and I just did whatever I wanted - the Garden of Eden of sites, if you will, the innocence and naivete 😆

as a side note, I've also long been inspired by Derek's explanation of local vs global impact

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Currently working on Life Philosophies, new music, affiliate development, workbooks for SoK, various house projects, testing out cutter/engraver and exploring what might be a good product/s that our kids could help with.

Looking forward to hosting friends from Costa Rica at the end of March.

the best parts of us

Our Kids

Customers served!

age 1

Years of experience

11th grade, taking concurrent college classes, FPS State competition, always drawing, exploring music

Customers served!

age 1

Years of experience

9th grade, FPS State competition, always drawing and constructing from cardboard, soccer, fortnight

Customers served!

age 1

Years of experience

K, tumbling, reading, drawing, minecraft

Travel Planning

Costa Rica, May-July 2024

In Our Creative Room

The end of 2023 we added a new small "master" bedroom so we were able to shift some things around and make a dedicated space for creative projects and fun. So far, the kids often do their art classes in there, all draw together, and have done a lot more music, Micaiah and her cousin have used it for crafting, I did a simple sewing project for the holidays, and in general it's just so nice to know what materials we have in one place and easily access them any time instead of being discouraged to bother having to dig around to find things or find space to create.


keyboards, guitars, ukulele, banjo, violin, jsax, kalimba, steel tongue drum, electric drums, djembe, rain stick, midi controller


watercolors, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, color pencils, watercolor pencils, drawing pencils, markers, brushes, canvases, sketchbooks, papers, fabrics, yarn, embroidery floss, glues


sewing machine, air brush, laser engraver/cutter, heat press, dslr

&Friends Boutique

Mid 2023 I started the process of creating a brand for us and some friends to casually share various handmade and curated things we all enjoy making and finding. Hopefully we'll actually launch it sometime in 2024.


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