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Our #LifeHacktoBoredom – Running Away from Comfort Zones + $20 PAYPAL CASH GIVEAWAY!

By TicoandTina

September 15, 2015

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Today I’m sharing our biggest tip for breaking out of a mundane routine, and giving you an easy way to add a little crunch and a little cash to your life with this Nestlé® Crunch® #LifeHacktoBoredom $20 PayPal cash giveaway. (enter your email first so that we can let you know if you win!)

If you choose to look at life as an adventure and let yourself get a little imaginative, you’ll find fun and humor hiding in the most surprising places. ~Tico&Tina quote

Humans have this innate tendency to gravitate towards comfort.

And it works against us in so many ways.

We think we’re just coasting, but in reality we’re usually drifting backward.

We want things to be easy, and our life muscles just keep atrophying.

We get stuck in a routine without even realizing it.

Take things for granted and forget to be thankful…

Become jaded and stop being students of life.

We don’t want to live a life of default or impact one less person than we could have, so we’ve made a conscious decision to do things that push us out of our comfort zones.

One year we moved to Costa Rica for the winter, knowing it meant David was quitting his comfy day job.

One year we took a crazy 9 week roadtrip around the US – to meet new people and learn about dreaming big dreams.

One year we committed to celebrating a new holiday every day and making a video about itand had little to no clue what we were doing, I might add.

Commitment can feel very limiting, and often… boring.

But there’s something to be said for sticking to your commitments, especially the ones you make to yourself, even on the days you just really don’t want to adult.

Because let’s be real, there are so many parts of “adulting” that aren’t that fun.

I’ve found something a bit counter-intuitive to be true, though…

In the boring, mundane moments, you will find a chance to stretch your creativity in ways that you aren’t pushed to in the more entertaining parts of your day.

If you choose to look at life as an adventure and let yourself get a little imaginative, you’ll find fun and humor hiding in the most surprising places.

Take candy, for instance. Growing up, my favorite candy bar was Nestlé® Crunch®. For reals.

Chocolate by itself is awesome, but there’s something just a little more fun about that extra CRUNCH. I think it’s a great example of getting a little creative, adding a little punch.

This is how we adult after the kids go to bed 😀

nestle crunch and frasier

lifehacktoboredom with nestle crunch

Seeing that they’ve upped their game with these delicious little morsels they call Buncha Crunch® inspired us to get a little creative ourselves… (see video with sound here)

Thanks to Nestlé® Crunch® for sponsoring this giveaway to give you a little extra cash to spice up your day. Be sure to show them some love!

Stay creative, stay young!


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