Packing tips : How to Pack Smarter for Organized Travel

By Tico+Tina

Last updated April 7, 2017

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One of the simplest things can quickly and needlessly make or break your travel experience.

You might think I’m talking about bad food or bed bugs or a flat tire or something, but no.

I’m talking about organization.

Not the kind of organization that suffocates you with a strict schedule and flips out at the slightest deviation – nah, we are all about flexibility and going with the flow.

We’ve learned over the years, though, that maintaining organization with your stuff helps you move from place to place so much more smoothly.

One of the simplest things can quickly and needlessly make or break your travel experience. Maintaining organization with your stuff helps you move from place to place so much more smoothly. Check out these packing tips, tricks, and products to simplify packing!

On our latest trip from Mexico to Costa Rica we decided to up our game with some of our tools, and I only wish we’d have done it sooner – it only took me about 5 minutes to pack my wardrobe and then get it settled in our new location!

Here’s a little peek into our packing methods, what we’re using to stay organized, and even an example of a favorite travel outfit 🙂

Here are some of our favorite products we currently use and love for organized travel!

BUBM Double Layer Travel Gear Organizer / Electronics Accessories Bag – Honestly, this is great to have even when you’re not traveling!

Vaultz Mesh Storage Bags – Same with these, I have no doubt we’ll snag some more for daily use when we’re back in better Amazon territory! 🙂 Here are just a few of the great uses I’ve already identified.

Packing tip - these bags are awesome for organization - the diagonal zipper makes it SO much easier to quickly find what you're looking for, the mesh is great for being able to see quickly, and the different colors are cool for categorizing and quick identification

The diagonal zipper is seriously so much better than the top zipper on conventional bags – it’s so nice to be able to easily grab something out without digging around! It’s also obviously great to be able to see through to what you’re looking for, and you really can’t beat the price. These are quality.

If you’ve flown somewhere for an extended period lately, you know how quickly the weight limit fills up. We don’t like to take up that valuable weight with clunky suitcases, so we use lightweight dufflebags.

We needed to replace a few, and ended up choosing these because they took the time to make a nice product comparison chart. (click the link to see what I mean) If there’s a choice between a regular old dufflebag that you have to stuff under the beg or in a closet, or these that zip up into a slick little pouch? I mean, it’s really not even a real question.

I would normally prefer to have a few more side pockets, but with the packing cubes we got to go with them (see below), I didn’t miss them at all!

Shacke Pak – 4 Set Packing Cubes – Travel Organizers with Laundry Bag – These are so worth buying!!! Dead simple.

Not only do I love being able to keep various items more organized in our suitcases, but depending on what you have to work with where you’re going, they make excellent drawer/dresser substitutes – makes living out of a suitcase quite tolerable 🙂

Honey-Can-Do Over The Door Clear Shoe Organizer – We used to make do with boxes under the bed for shoe organization when we travel, but this just works better and therefore saves more time. I really preferred black, and would generally also prefer mesh over the clear plastic shoe holders, but this one was cheaper enough that I decided to risk it and I’m not sorry!

Fold Up Skirt/Pants Hanger – I’ve been using these for as long as I can remember to hang my pants, skirts, scarves, belts, etc. I find it too much a pain to use them as intended, so I hang one skirt or pair of pants per clip rather than per tier. It works smashingly and is definitely worth it to me to take when we travel. I’ve started using them for the kids, too, and things stay so much better organized and easy to access than in a drawer.

Do you have any favorite travel organization tools or tips?

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As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

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