The Night of the Pressure Cooker Explosion – and Other Behind the Scenes

By Tico+Tina

Last updated February 17, 2016

behind the scenes

The night was dark, the time was 11:00pm or so. David and I were sitting in our usual perches, doing our usual work activities while the kids slept peacefully.

Suddenly an explosive sound filled the air, followed by a violent hissing. As we recovered from our shock, David ran over to the stove where beans were cooking in our pressure cooker. More accurately, where beans were plastering their remains around our kitchen…

It was not a pretty sight. The reality of the bean carnage was intensified by the time of day, our less than energetic state, and the list of other things we knew needed to be done before we went to bed.


Suffice it to say that it was not our favorite night ever.


In case this makes you scared of pressure cookers (honestly I am kinda), there are two things that you must do to avoid a pressure cooker explosion of your own. Obviously we learned this the hard way, as we were only doing one of these things…

How to Avoid a Pressure Cooker Explosion

  1. Make sure the lid is locked on properly. (check)
  2. Make sure the pressure release is not clogged. (where we failed)

I’m not sure the best way to check for clogging, but if you happen to have a small wire I guess that would probably work, or if nothing else, try to blow through the hole and see if you can. Good luck, speedy cookers! We’ll have to be on the lookout to replace one of our favorite cooking tools… 🙁

Here are a few other behind-the-scenes of our life lately.



eastercrazy-hair homeschooling  sniper

She wanted me to take a picture of this “ship” she constructed (that Sit-n-Spin is the steering wheel). I didn’t realize a sniper got in the picture, too…

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What have you been up to lately???!

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