What are Superfoods? The Ultimate Breakdown – No Hype!

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There’s so much hype that goes on in the health space that we should really all be asking ourselves important questions, like “Hey, what are superfoods, anyway – are they just bs from people trying to sell stuff or should I actually care?!” If you, like us, want to make healthy eating as simple as possible […]

20 Tools That Will Help You Crush Weekly Meal Planning

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Realistically, the best way to be efficient at something like weekly meal planning is to program it into your subconscious. You shouldn’t have to constantly be making decisions about how to plan meals – what new recipes to try, what ingredients to buy, etc. I very rarely make a real shopping list because we have […]

Our Ketogenic Diet Results: How to Not Starve While Losing Weight

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We experimented with the ketogenic diet earlier this year, and so we’re sharing our ketogenic diet results here. What is a ketogenic diet? Ketosis Explained We love starchy and sugary foods not only because they’re delicious, but also because they give us quick and easy energy. Unfortunately, it’s “cheap energy” that easily gets stored as […]

Is Saturated Fat Bad for You? 7 Reasons You Need Fatty Foods

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To say that a big deal has been made about fat is a huge understatement. Fat has been demonized to the point of making us feel our arteries clogging up when any sort of fatty foods touch our mouths. The annoying thing is, just as one group finishes making a statement about a certain fat, it […]

6 Detoxing Methods to Empower & Supercharge Your Health (for after holidays, staving off sickness, and anytime)

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Some liken detoxing to regular cleaning, and compare a cleanse to spring cleaning. While the words have often been used interchangeably, most of the time detoxing is related to various methods of ridding the body of toxins, and cleansing is usually focused mainly on the gut. In reality, if you detox the body it will probably also […]

How I Screwed Up My Health with (un) Realistic Weight Loss Goals (a personal story: the day my dad left, and becoming a hypochondriac)

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This is a personal story of how I became a hypochondriac, and a cautionary tale of how not understanding realistic weight loss goals put me in a very crappy situation. But first, some weight background… I once heard that you can tell how a woman will age by observing her mother. As with anything in […]

Calories in calories out doesn't work because it's based on a faulty premise... all calories are not created equal.

Calories in Calories Out? The Truth About Why it’s Not So Simple

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Over the hundreds of diet and eating plans out there, one thing that the majority of them have in common is some form of the basic math mentality of “calories in calories out”. If you’re not familiar with the calorie myth yet, you’re likely struggling much more with your weight than you would need to! While […]

7 Amazing Tricks for How to Cut Calories the Easy Way

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Calories and weight loss are not my favorite topic, because food and eating it are so much more fun. But a while back I wrote 10 of my own tricky ways to cut calories, which I’ve been using since forever. Here I’ve rounded up 7 more easy ways of how to cut calories – BOOM, mind blown. […]

How to finally conquer eating healthy on a budget: a smarter healthy - real, easy, fun

How to Finally Conquer Eating Healthy on a Budget (a practical, convenient, comprehensive approach)

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[one_third_first]It really doesn’t seem like eating healthy on a budget should be that complicated, but with the influx of studies to sift through, the constant stream of new products and diet fads to evaluate, it feels impossible to keep up![/one_third_first][two_third_last][/two_third_last] [thrive_text_block color=”light” headline= “We have so much MORE information, products, and opportunities than our parents […]