Failing Into Success

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When I started this 31 days journey I had every intention of writing each day because I intended to put up a lot of simple posts. I don’t know what happened, but somehow I discovered that I had a lot of thoughts about living life in beta, and somehow things evolved into something more complicated. […]

The Best 365 Projects I’ve Seen {inspiration}

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I’ve always thought 365 projects are cool. My personality just loves the idea of them for so many reasons. These are some of the best 365 projects I’ve come across. This lady wore the SAME dress, every day, for 365 days. I find that truly dope. This lady made and hid an art jar (almost) […]

Tools & Resources for Awesome 365 Projects

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I’m kind of in love with 365 projects, as you might guess from Why You Should Start a 365 Project NOW, 15+ Fun Ideas for 365 Projects, and The Best 365 Projects I’ve Seen. So I made a Pinterest board with some great tools and resources for awesome 365 projects!

Why You Should Run Away from Your Comfort Zone

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This Abraham Maslow quote is so very true and so very good. Keep it in mind when you’re making decisions. [Tweet “You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety. ~Abraham Maslow”] Run away from your comfort zone.

The Trick Smart People Use to Avoid Failure

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve found myself to be quite the human. Since that could mean a lot of things, in this case it translates to sneaky, lazy, selfish, self-serving, and therefore generally doomed to fail. The reality is, the character and habits necessary for long term success aren’t innate. Even those lucky […]

Don’t Relax Yourself to Death

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Whenever the topic of retirement comes up between David and me, or in a group discussion, it’s not long before we voice our aversion to the whole concept. A Note to Our 70 Year Old Selves When you live your life just waiting for that moment you can finally stop working and only do those […]

People You Should Be Following

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In this process of figuring out life, embracing life in beta, you should surround yourself with good people. These are some people we follow who I highly recommend, whether because they’ll encourage you or simply make you think about things differently, and maybe a little of the awesome will rub off. That’s what we’re going […]

Little Kid In the Driver’s Seat

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As I was looking back over some of our pictures from this summer, I was struck by this one. It really looks like me as a kid. It occurred to me that sometimes as an adult you feel like a kid driving a car that is way too big for you, that you can’t even […]

15+ Fun Ideas for 365 Projects!

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I already told you why you need to start a 365 project NOW. How about some inspiration and fun ideas for 365 projects? Ideas for 365 Photography Capturing a moment in time via photograph is probably the easiest type of 365 project to commit to and accomplish. It’s even easier with the 365project tools or the Project365 app (iOS) (Android)! […]

You Treat Things As They Appear

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Most of us have been taught that all people are equal. If we are completely honest with ourselves, though, I think most of us will find that we still have prejudices. I’ve mentioned before that my personal problem tends to be in relation to class, not race. Lately, I’ve noticed what a big deal this […]