10 Irresistible Benefits of a Minimalist Lifestyle

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The deeper we delve into minimalism, the more convinced I become that any and everyone can benefit from this mindset. Here are some benefits of a minimalist lifestyle that we’ve already found to be true in our own lives over the past couple of years, and I’m confident you could experience as well. 1. Less Clutter, More […]

Our Minimalist Journey – a Rocky Start

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Minimalist Journey beginning: In the fall of 2011, we sorted through our shed. We knew we wanted to start paring down our stuff, and that was the most obvious mess to start with. We spent that winter in David’s homeland, Costa Rica, and while there I somehow ran across the concept of minimalism as a […]

Meet a Minimalist: Leo Babauta – Creating the Right Habits

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Leo Babauta is arguably the most well-known minimalist, and he applies his minimalist mindset to everything but kids – he has 6! 🙂 In the past 9 years he has Quit smoking (on Nov. 18, 2005). Become a runner. Run several marathons and triathlons. Begun waking early. Become organized and productive. Begun eating healthier Become a vegetarian. […]

Living with More Style Than Cash

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I love the name of Ingrid Talpak’s show, Living with More Style Than Cash, because it fits us so well 🙂 Not long ago, Ingrid contacted us and asked to interview us on her show, and although we weren’t sure if we’d have a faint clue what to say, we agreed to be guests. Well for […]

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Simplifying Living Space – Tiny House Living for Families

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When we first got married, David and I used to dream about the type of house we wanted to own someday. Besides the basics, it had a music room, art/craft room, game room, and more. Over the years, as we’ve continued to live in less than 1,000 sq ft, I’ve grown to greatly appreciate the […]

the Art of Creating a Balanced Life - life as art | minimalism, minimalist living, simple living

The Art of Creating a Balanced Life

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A balanced life … The other day my daughter’s art class was talking about positive vs negative space, and how the way you use them in your composition will evoke different feelings. It occurred to me that this concept is very relevant in life – and being intentional about the balance is an apt analogy for minimalist […]

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9+ Awesome Space-Saving Furniture Designs

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There are some really, really great space-saving furniture designs for any small space out there that just make you wonder why your furniture is so incredibly base. Resource Furniture has some beautifully versatile designs that would fit well even in conventional-style/size homes. Here is only a very small sample of what they offer. The Goliath […]

It's easy to read about the minimalist lifestyle and think, yeah, that's great for them but wouldn't work in my life. Maybe one of these personal stories will help. | 31 Days Exploring Minimalism | minimalist living, becoming minimalist, simple living

7 Real Life Personal Stories of Becoming Minimalist

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There are quite a variety of reasons people choose minimalism, and different methods they take to get there. I think it’s very helpful to hear personal stories, so I’ve gathered a few here that I found on YouTube. (There are many more to be found, especially  if you want to watch longer videos, and even more stories […]

6 People Who Own 100 Things or Less (and why we're not counting)

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When I first became aware of the minimalist movement at the beginning of 2012, one of the things that really intrigued me was people who actually took pictures of ALL of the stuff they owned. I believe one of them I came across was Adam Baker and his wife, from Man Vs. Debt. Their wardrobes […]