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Free Printable Banner Letters for Custom Holiday Decor

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I’m a big fan of very simple decor, especially when you can print it yourself and it doesn’t take up any space to store if you choose to keep it! Here are some free printable banner letters for you to create your own custom banners with. We’d love to see pictures if you use them! […]

10 Family Holiday Activities to Cultivate Thankfulness

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While a heart of thankfulness is something we should cultivate all year long, there’s no denying there are even more opportunities during the holidays. There are several things you should always keep in mind when desiring to volunteer and work with those in need: an attitude of humility – you’re not a hero coming in to save […]

25 Simple & Free Christmas Activities

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Although it’s easy to feel pressure to do all sorts of things during the holiday season, if you stop and think about it for a bit, you realize it’s usually the simple moments that create the most nostalgia. The act of being together, no matter what you’re doing, is what matters most. Here are 25 Simple […]

How Does the Origin of Christmas Affect Your Celebrations?

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Christmas is not a Christian holiday in the same way that Jesus’ disciples weren’t a “holy yoga” class. (And in the same way that you can compare apples and oranges, but you get my point.) I don’t know whether or not the last time you read the whole Bible you noticed that there is nothing in there […]