3 Things People Don’t Understand About Setting Up Their Own Site

By Tico+Tina

Last updated September 26, 2022

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As great as it is to do as much yourself as possible, and we’re all about that for sure, some stuff ends up being a lot harder than it should be. Setting up your own site can quickly become a nightmare…


Even using our CMS (Content Management System) of choice, WordPress, things can get pah-retty hairy. If we had a dollar for every time someone bought a WP theme and got annoyed when their site didn’t look like the demo…

Which brings us to the number one thing people don’t understand about setting up their own site:

1. Themes are not really “plug-and-play”.

If only…

Honestly, this is something I tend to get annoyed about every time we start a new site based on a theme. It’s kind of like opening a present thinking it’s one thing, only to realize they just used the box to wrap up something completely different. I’m always like, ok, let’s get this thing set up! Then right after the theme gets installed and I poke around a bit I’m like arrrrrrgh, this looks nothing like the box said! I only know a tiny bit of HTML, so this is where I make a big, long list for David to get geeky on… if I didn’t have a David I’d be pretty much SOL.

2. Your website hosting plan/site builder might not let you do what you want to do with your site.

Site builders are not created equal, and certainly neither are hosting plans. As mentioned above, I’m coming at this from an average user perspective because I can’t really do anything technical without David. So I understand the feeling that IT SHOULDN’T BE THAT HARD to do just change some simple text in a header or whatever! But we’ve had clients come to us wanting us to make a simple change to a site that they had set up somewhere and their hosting plan didn’t let them access the part of the site to make the change. Sometimes things just get way complicated way faster than you think they will…

3. Pictures.

Most of the sites that you think look awesome are likely due largely to the pictures they incorporate into the design. Pictures can really make or break an otherwise OK site… if everyone understood this, the internet would be a much prettier place 🙂 I know it’s not easy to find great *legal* pictures on a small-to-no budget (please, people, STOP just grabbing random pictures from Google images to use however you like – no bueno) however there are some great resources like Free Range, StockVault, and Sxc.hu which I’ve been using for years although they seem to be down at the moment. A really great new source, however is Death to the Stock Photo <<< go subscribe for 10 new free super high quality images every month!


What frustrations have you found with setting up or working on your own site?

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As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

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