Settling versus Accepting

By Tico+Tina

Last updated March 19, 2019

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It seems to me that there is a rather fine line between “settling” and simply accepting. I think as with most things in life, the difference lies in the attitude.


As you go about life, many things try to beat you down. By my estimations, this is common to man.

Some things, you can never change because they do not depend on you. These are ok to accept and make the most of.

Others, perhaps you are too beaten down or lazy to change. This is what we could define as “settling”.

Many times, we must accept less-than-desirable circumstances on the way to better circumstances…

But sometimes, if we are honest with ourselves, we will find we have developed a mindset of “settling” under false pretenses.

It can be so very easy to feel hopeless.

Often the bad seems to stand so much taller than the good, towering above us, overwhelming our senses and making us feel like a kid on his first day at a new school.

Either that or getting all up in our personal space like a rowdy five year old who’s had a couple rounds of espresso and is no longer capable of speaking with an inside voice or sitting still for more than .005 seconds.

And in those times, if we don’t make a conscious choice and effort to find the good, to look at what we can change and what we can do with what we do have, we end up just giving up, settling.

For at least a year I think, we had gotten into that mindset with where we live. We are thankful and blessed to have a roof over our heads and no payments, but there are countless things about this place that taunt at us. Ugly is everywhere. Disrepair that we don’t feel like we should put money into right now, mess that gets put on hold in our busier times and then manages to breed when we’re not chaperoning.

A couple of months ago we made the decision to do a better job with what we have, with what we can do right now, not just keep living in some future house in some better location in our minds.

It’s honestly been a huge morale boost.

Sure, I can still see more projects everywhere I look, but I have hope.

And that makes all the difference.

Can you identify areas in your life in which you’re just settling?

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