Rebranding Your Blog: How to Know If You Should Rebrand

By Tico+Tina

Last updated September 26, 2022

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Some people start out blogging with a concrete plan, and good for them. But most of us just start blogging for fun or to keep non-local friends and family up to date on our lives.

For many people, blogging is a relatively short phase – maybe one or two years. Maybe life gets too busy and they realize it’s not a priority, or perhaps they’ve learned what they were supposed to learn about themselves though it and are simply ready to move on to a different phase.

Those of us who stick it out and discover that it’s something we want to make a priority, maybe even develop into a real source of income, will start to wonder at some point if we need to rebrand.


How to Know If You Should Rebrand

  1. you don’t post on a consistent schedule
  2. you have a lot of categories (some would say more than 4 is too much)
  3. you use more than 3 fonts in various aspects of your blog (3 is a good rule of thumb to follow)
  4. your blog post images and graphics aren’t consistent with the rest of your blog or each other (images and graphics should have a consistent size, style, and font/s – they’re part of your brand, too)
  5. you have multiple calls-to-action, no call-to-action, or don’t even know what a call-to-action is 😉
  6. your social media profiles are not cohesive (if you know and love your brand, it won’t even be a question, your social media will match it)
  7. you don’t have a logo – your header just changes with every new design
  8. you don’t have a tagline
  9. you can’t explain, in a compelling way, what your blog is about in 10 seconds, to a child (once your readers are there, why should they stay, or come back? if you don’t know, other people aren’t going to accidentally figure it out)
  10. you aren’t excited to write or have a hard time coming up with content, or you don’t know how your blog can help others – you don’t just write for yourself, do you?

Bonus: you’re reading this post – if you’re reading this, you are probably already questioning your current brand… you probably haven’t ever been quite happy with your design or felt like you quite found your groove.

Hmm, Yep, I guess I do need to Rebrand, NOW WHAT?!

If you look around a little bit at our site right now, you’ll probably notice that there are aspects of it that fit the criteria of needing a rebrand. Well, we are actually in the midst of rebranding, so I am writing this series, sharing our process. Come back next Monday for part 2, Why You Need to Stop Avoiding Niche-ing NOW.

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Rebranding Your Blog: Why You Need to Stop Avoiding Niche-ing NOW

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As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

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