Mexican Hospital Visit + Persevering Through Crap

By Tico+Tina

Last updated March 26, 2014

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You guys, seriously. We have had such a wonderful time in the south, visiting David’s parents for a couple of months in El Paso, and now my parents in Tijuana. And it was obviously a really good winter to escape the Midwest, yikes.



We usually all get a little sick like once. A yucky cold here and there. Maaaybe the kids have a little fever for a day.

But not this winter, nooooooo.

This winter we got a whole lot of THIS for Christmas:

That even included a fun trip to the Dr for Maeve.

The rest of us all ran through crap also, that seemed to just go on and on and we lost track.

Then here in Tijuana, I basically got sick right after we got here and have been mostly in bed for the past 3 weeks. I also had the chance to visit a private Mexican hospital which sort of scared the snot out of me. See?

Now, I might be a little spoiled with sterile American hospitals, I’ll give you that.

But when the examining table you’re supposed to sit on has a cloth cover with splattered blood stains and some other stuff on one end, the long black hair sitting beside you on the other side sort of seems tame.

I mean, it was like 8:30pm, so maybe that was just all in a day’s work and hopefully they at least change the sheet once a day? Still, I managed to politely refuse when the nurse suggested I lay down, even though inside I was thinking HELL TO THE NO THANK YOU as I balanced uncomfortably in the cleanest spot I could see.

She and the DR were really nice. He was nicely not in the room when I got to drop my pants to my ankles for her to inspect if the rash on my arms was spreading to my legs. (it did later that night, but was gone the next day, thankfully)

I felt like they barely asked me anything about my symptoms, though of course it was in Spanish and everything was filtered through my dad and David. They also didn’t weigh me, which made me feel weird since they were prescribing medicine, but as my dad pointed out, usually adults just get an adult dose, haha.

We had to wait a bit for my dad to go buy the medicine in the pharmacy part of the hospital and he brought it back in a little bag which the Dr then opened up and wrote doses on all the medicines.

They gave me a shot to open up my lungs and you better believe I didn’t look at that thing, but David said it was large. Pretty sure I leaned on the hair when she was sticking my butt; I figured it was the lesser of the two evils better of the not awesome options.

Walking out, I could hear the receptionist typing away… and my confidence plummeted a little lower as I recognized the clickity-clack of a typewriter. I had noticed that the equipment they were working with was not exactly modern, but a typewriter?! Pretty sure I haven’t heard that sound since middle school.

We took some cough medicine, some sort of little anti-inflammatory pills, and some more shots home. They let us take shots home.

I never anticipated “My dad gave me a shot in the butt,” being something I could say.

I certainly never aspired to it. But Mexico.

Mexico did that to me.

I actually don’t think I even ever had a shot in the butt at all before this. Now my tally is at 3.

Thanks for the fun time, Mexico.

I’m still recovering a week later. I’m feeling much more human, but definitely not myself yet. Then just tonight, the kids both came down with fevers.

I readily admit that I am a wimp.

I don’t want to be a wimp, but I also don’t want to be hardened to being sick all the freaking time. I lost track of the times I broke down in the past 3 weeks, but I think it was no less than 5.

It’s not the big, tough life questions, this. But getting hit over and over and over again does tend to wear you down a bit.

All the usual Christian questions go through your mind that remind you how whacked your theology is.

Am I sinning? What do you want me to repent of?

Are you trying to teach me something?

Are we supposed to “take a stand” and tell the sickness to take a hike?

Is there even a point to any of it or is it just fallen world stuff that we gotta get through?

Why don’t you just HEAL?!

Where do I fall?

I come back to my belief that God isn’t up there dolling out sickness. It’s not his will for us to be sick at all, but he’s also not just throwing out miracles willy-nilly. Why? I have no idea.

Does he teach us and help us grow through it, sure. Is it good that I’ve been sick and had my entire time in Tijuana wasted? No, I don’t think so. Have I learned anything? Meh. I appreciate health marginally more. I am marginally more thankful for the little opportunities I can have throughout the day to do all the little things that healthy people do. But honestly, I was pretty appreciative and thankful before that.

Sometimes maybe it’s just about exercising muscles. I hate working out. I get mad when I really truly work out.

I’m tired. In every way. I want to stop working out now.

I ran across this video that I feel pertains to this type of situation.

I can’t understand everything and I don’t have to understand everything.

Sometimes the only thing to do is to fall on God’s mercy.

And pray that summer comes fast.

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As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

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