October 25


Simplifying Living Space – Tiny House Living for Families

By TicoandTina

October 25, 2014

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When we first got married, David and I used to dream about the type of house we wanted to own someday. Besides the basics, it had a music room, art/craft room, game room, and more. Over the years, as we’ve continued to live in less than 1,000 sq ft, I’ve grown to greatly appreciate the editing that it forces us to do, to the point that I now actually prefer a small house.

All of these tiny house designs are under 250 sq ft, or under 320 including any lofts.

David wasn’t quite as convinced about tiny house for families as I was because the houses that we’d seen weren’t particularly family friendly. Then we came across Minim House, and he was sold. It’s nice and open, has a great kitchen, little office space, and lounge area with an ingenius re-positionable table, and the pull-out bed is pretty swell. If we didn’t have kids, this design would probably be great as-is, but we’d definitely need at least one side to have a loft for space for them, probably each side so they could each have their own space. We’d love to create a hybrid of this design with several other features included.

Minim Homes tiny house design with awesome re-positionable table

I really love the full-sized kitchen in hOMe, as well as the regular stairs that double as storage.

hOMe tiny house design - minimalism, simple living, minimalist living space, small space designThe Tiny Project tiny house is beautifully light and airy, and some of the aspects of the design I really like are the shelves around the room, the many fold-out desks and tables, and the extra loft space with the shed roof design as opposed to the more common peaked roof.

Tiny Project tiny house - design - minimalism, simple living, minimalist living space, small space design

The Protohaus portable house adds a bit of loft space differently from the shed roof above, and I really like it, too.

Protohaus protable home tiny house design - minimalism, simple living, minimalist living space, small space design

What do you think about tiny house living?

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