The Love Yourself Challenge

You work hard taking care of your people.
It's time to take your heart off the back burner and gain some tools that help you feel good in your own skin and get a handle on all the crazy!

8 Weeks of Laying Solid Foundations
for a Better 2022!

Use any or all of these components in the way that works best for you.
No guilt trips, just fun motivation and support.

No-Diet Food Plan

Explore foods that help you love yourself healthy!

30-min Home Workouts

Learn simple movements that you can integrate into your day.

Personal Health Consult

Holistic health support and natural protocols for root issues

Balancing Protocol

Naturopath recommendations for hormone and body balancing

Friendly Guidance

Stay on track with "health coach in your pocket" texts.

Recipe Inspiration Log

Discover new healthy family-approved recipes!

Mindset Coaching

Be encouraged and motivated every week!

24/7 Q&A Thread

Drop your health questions any time of day.

Natural Health Info

Be empowered by learning more about holistic health solutions.

Community Interaction

Tag a friend to join you and make new connections!

Micro Challenges

Fun motivation to try out healthy selfcare practices

Participation Prizes

Win something fun, inspiring, or useful every week!

Weekly Focus Tools

Practical resources for implementation

Healthy Habit Builder

A building block system for sustainable momentum!

Life Dashboard

Learn a customizable way to manage everything in one place.


How do I join?

If someone shared this page with you, they can answer any questions you might have and get you set up. If you stumbled across this challenge on your own, message me here. We look forward to getting to know you better and cheering you on!

What does it cost?

This is actually a really cool deal. You get everything included in this challenge just for trying out some herbal products recommended by a naturopath doctor we love. She has an amazing testimony of their impact on her family's health, and has seen great success with thousands of clients.

Now, obviously we want to work with you long term to help you see the best results in addressing root causes of any health challenges you're dealing with, (even if that's just feeling stuck in losing weight), but there aren't any obligations other than having a 100PV subscription turned on for the months you're part of the challenge.

We're happy to recommend the products that will best fit your goals, but you can try any combination of healthy options - from probiotics and vitamins, to clean energy and electrolyte drinks, to collagen and skincare, to amazing fermented greens that taste like berries to help your picky eaters get better nutrients in their diet, and much more! (There's even a 60-day money-back guarantee, so there's really nothing to lose here ;)

We believe our bodies are designed to heal, and we love empowering busy women with greater understanding of how those processes work!

When does it start?

This challenge starts the day after Valentines Day - February 15, 2022, and runs into the second week of April. Join by February 6 to get a bonus fat burning/mind clearing 3-day cleanse. Last day to join is February 12. If you missed it and want to know when we do another challenge, message me here.

How much time will it take?

This challenge is adaptable to your schedule, so the time it takes will depend on how you decide to implement it. You can pick and choose which parts to participate in and even change it up from week to week if you want to. Here's a breakdown of time estimates for the different components.

Food - You don't need to worry about tracking your food or counting calories with this plan. All you need to focus on is eating from the food list. The only extra time it will take is if you want to try new foods and/or new recipes. Of course you can choose to eat differently than this plan, it's just a really great way to crush cravings, gain more energy and mental clarity, and even shed some pounds if that's something you're seeking.

Exercise - Each full routine will take around 30 minutes, but you can always do what fits in your schedule. The workouts are delivered by a personal trainer in a format that you can quickly learn and then do while listening to a podcast or watching a show, which is always more fun, in my opinion!

Micro Challenges - The weekly selfcare focuses should take around 3-5 minutes/day, plus 30 seconds to check the box that you've done it. (The tracking system works on your computer or phone for easy access.) It could add up to around 30 minutes/day by the end of the 8 weeks if you decide to combine habits to compete for the most boxes checked in the challenge, but most of the things can be done throughout your day as opposed to needing to schedule a big chunk of time. Again, these are totally optional.

Mindset Coaching - There will be a variety of weekly videos you can watch or listen to as you cook, clean, get ready for the day, etc. They should be between 3-15 minutes each and will provide some encouragement and motivation for your day or showcase great healthy tips. Watch whenever you want, or not at all!

What if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

Congratulations! It's such a fun, exciting, and often exhausting time to be in. Since this is a "no-diet" food plan, you can adapt however you need to. We never recommend cutting calories or heavy detoxing in this season of life, but this healthy way of eating and balancing protocol will benefit both you and baby!

Join by February 6 to get a 3-day Fat-Burning/Mind-Clearing Bonus Cleanse!

Joining early will give you more time to feel prepared, and the cleanse will be a great head-start for the challenge.