Tico+Tina Book Club: The Garden Within, Chapter 2

By Tico+Tina

Last updated November 28, 2023

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Some of my highlighted notes from The Garden Within by Dr Anita Phillips below…

“Prevailing attitudes toward emotion, especially emotional pain, cause many people to struggle not only to be present with their own feelings but also to resist minimizing someone else’s pain by encouraging them to be optimistic, think positive thoughts, or remember to be grateful.”

“Seeds teach us how the words we hear become the truth we believe… A seed is a living plant in a dormant state. The seed waiting to release the tiny plant tucked inside of it doesn’t need to be planted to come to life. A seed is not dead; it is only sleeping.”

^I love this point, which I don’t remember if I noticed the first time through reading – seeds don’t “die”, and don’t even have to be planted to sprout…

“A seed needs air to germinate. In the soil of your heart, faith is air. Faith makes room for the seed. Then, when a word-seed awakens, faith flows through your heart into the seed, but faith is not an emotion. Faith is not a thought either. Faith is spirit. It’s breath…. Faith opens our hearts to believe.”

“We can have absolute faith that the words of Scripture are true and powerful, but where we are emotionally can influence whether God’s Word awakens within us. Water’s significance for literal gardens teaches us about the role of emotion in the garden within.”

“Dry ground can never be good ground. It is impossible for soil to be fertile without water. When a seed awakens, the water flows in until the seed literally bursts. The living plant that had been tightly contained inside is freed to grow. There is something special about that life-awakening flow. We call it hope.”

“A well-watered garden is in a constant state of flow. Too much water leaves no room for air. The seed suffocates and drowns. Too little water and those word-seeds remain dormant. Likewise, the beliefs that inform our spiritual well-being are nourished by both faith and feelings. When we resist our feelings, we risk undermining the soil’s fertility in the long-term.”

Here is chapter 2, along with some of my random reflections.

(If you don’t see a video above, you can also see it over on our YouTube channel here.)

the garden within, chapter 2

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As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

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