That Time I Predicted the Color of the Year and Why That Matters

By Tico+Tina

Last updated May 20, 2014

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Ok, so I have this secret whim, for lack of a better term, of being a trendsetter. Call it hipster tendencies, call it being weird, I don’t know. No, that doesn’t make sense, hipsters don’t want what they like to become popular, haha. I mostly just want to wear what I like without it being weird 🙂

I have lots of moments where I discover that something is publicly cool and I’m like, finally!


Knuckle rings – been wearing one since approx 2005. (via)


All these things?
I used to imagine them and do them with my play jewelry when I was playing dress up at 12.

So this year, when I found out what Pantone’s color of the year 2014 was,
I almost squealed and jumped up and down with glee.

color of the year 2014

Because I totally called this.

Now, I didn’t actually tell anyone about this prediction, so the only way I can prove it is this:

I was second-hand shopping last year, spied this shirt, and said to myself I like this color and I’m going to buy it because I bet it’s going to be the color of the year.
It was part of this post on a minimalist wardrobe.

color of the year 2014

color of the year 2014

Please don’t take this as egotistical,
because what this is really about for me is this:

I’ve never been confident enough in my creative instincts.

I don’t doubt that you can relate to second-guessing yourself.

Of wishing for validation
but not sure if you want to take the risk of putting yourself out there in the first place…

This was merely my own little “yes!” moment that boosted my trust in the creative part of me that has a lot of blossoming yet to do. Little old me… who knows next to nothing about fashion, lives mostly in the Midwest, and doesn’t get out much – I think you can see why it was cool to me 😉

Do you have any moments like this of learning to trust your instincts?

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As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

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