You Treat Things As They Appear

By Tico+Tina

Last updated July 23, 2014

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Most of us have been taught that all people are equal.

If we are completely honest with ourselves, though, I think most of us will find that we still have prejudices.

I’ve mentioned before that my personal problem tends to be in relation to class, not race.

Lately, I’ve noticed what a big deal this same concept is in relation to my surroundings and even myself.

It’s the reason why clutter breeds clutter like horny little rabbits.

When there’s clutter, you don’t immediately think oh, I should put this thing away after I’m done using it… no, it just goes on the pile.

When you’re dressed frumpy, your day tends to be a little more frumpy.

When your fridge is already in desperate need of cleaning out and something spills in there, do you think, oh my goodness, gotta get that cleaned up? NO! You think, yep, need to clean the fridge.

Well ok, maybe you just take it as a sign that it’s time to clean out the fridge – and I do, too, if I’m in the right mood – the “I’ve had enough!!!” mood.

Can you think of things in your life that you do poorly because you’re not bothering to clean your act up?

The next time  you find yourself in a less than awesome mood, look around and see what needs cleaning.

It might not be the most convenient thing to do at the moment, but it’s pretty much guaranteed to jump-start your productivity and put you in a better mood.

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