August 4


The Trick Smart People Use to Succeed

By TicoandTina

August 4, 2014

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Men’s natures are alike – it’s their habits that separate them. ~Charles C. Noble

By and large, people do what’s most convenient. Let’s stop lying to ourselves. We’re sort of lazy. We might have our good days, but when we act based off of what we feel like doing, how does that go?

Why not harness that inner sloth and turn it into a beast of burden?


By and large people do what's most convenient. Harness your inner sloth and turn it into a beast of burden to help you succeed at your goals and the person you want to be - "Put more obstacles in front of your bad choices." | Tico&Tina

Water takes the path of least resistance. Set up habits that direct your choices in the way that you want to go.

This concept works for anything, but probably the easiest illustration is with dieting – getting rid of all your junk food would be an example of an obstacle. Another might be getting an accountability partner who you have to pay if you eat something on your “do not eat” list or miss a work out or whatever.

You can get really creative with this – whatever goals you want to accomplish or character traits you want to develop. We’d love to hear how you’re kicking your own butt into shape 🙂


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We believe that you were made for greatness and that you don't need to wait for "someday" to start living it. We want to help you revitalize your "now" while also planning for a better "later". What needs to be streamlined in your life to make room for greatness? We keep it real here because let’s face it, we’re not all models and life is not a movie where everything wraps up into neat little packages in 90 minutes. Plus, laughing is one of our favorite activities.

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