January 8


A Type of Art You Have to Try Right Now!

By TicoandTina

January 8, 2014

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You might think you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, but I promise you that you do. This art form is something that I bet will help to bring out abilities you didn’t know you had.

Some people call it doodling, and it is that, however it is a little more structured than the average doodle and looks way cooler. Most of us who used to have to talk on the phone a lot back in the day before texting and what not ( 😉 ) probably doodled on scraps of paper or napkins or whatever we found laying around. Zentangle is basically a more evolved version of that.

Here are some examples of art created with Zentangle patterns. You can find these on my Pinterest board:

zentangle patterns

I love how fun Zentangle patterns are in relation to the current tribal and geometric pattern trends, too. There are sites, books of patterns, and of course Pinterest, to get your creative juices flowing with patterns to try. Here are a few suggestions:


Zentangle Patterns on YouTube

The Great Mosaic of Tangle Patterns – ebook

Other Books

Take a class in person.

I’ve been doing a lot of doodling of my own lately, as part of the rebranding we’re working on for the site. Anymore, I mostly just sketch at the beginning of logo design projects, so I had a lot of fun creating a bunch of new patterns, some of which will be showing up here soon 😉

What do you think, are you going to try your hand at this? I think you’ll really enjoy it, although as with anything else, it does take some practice to create works of art like you see above. I would also highly encourage you to have your kids sit down and work on different patterns. It’s an excellent brain exercise and sure to stretch their creative muscles. I love it for a homeschool art activity! You should also check out this post where I suggested it as a fun 365 project.


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