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Minimalist Tshirt

The idea behind this design is the on-going process of refinement we all go through. From children, curious about the way something works, to youth sorting out who they are, to adults just trying to... adult. It's taking something complex and breaking it down to the basics... It's funneling the things you could do into what you really want to do... It's approaching every aspect of life with the goal of clarity and growth. And it's a circle because can't stop, won't stop ;)

Less is More
Minimalist Tshirt

'Less is more' is one of those sayings that sounds cliché until you actually experience how true it is for yourself. I've always been a fan of simple, subtle graphics, so I wanted to illustrate this well-known minimalist mindset for a fresh look. 

minimalist tshirt less is more

Other Minimalist Products

Amazon currently only does tshirts in limited colors, but we also have these minimalist tshirts in other colors as well as tanks, hats, mugs, bags, and more with these designs in our own shop.


My passion is seeing people set free - from fear, discouragement, oppression, lack... anything that isn't fullness of life. Truth and love are the root of all freedom, and my goal is to always be a conduit of these through everything I create.