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(Scroll down for a cool chart we put together to easily optimize your menus with all this info at a glance .)

If you're like most people who took the quiz, you could use a smart healthy diet hack!


1. Quickly see which foods rank best across a wide variety of factors.


2. Make the most of your food budget by choosing foods with the highest nutritional impact.


3. Optimize your menu with your favorite "super foods".

Ultimate Healthy Diet Hack Master Food List - Tico & Tina

Answer questions like...

  • This food is supposedly really good for me but is it actually worth the money compared to other options?
  • Which foods have the best nutritional balance so I can concentrate on them for the bulk of my meal planning?
  • Which foods are easy bets, since they fit the most diet plans?
  • Which foods can I eat a lot of without screwing up my calorie intake?


These are OUR personal picks!

  • Save time on going over the whole chart yourself - this is like a quick-start mini chart!
  • Use our system to personalize and rate your own food picks.
  • Save time finding healthy recipes.

Start NOW instead of waiting for the New Year like so many do (and fail)!

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