We're Tico + Tina

We help families simplify their lives so they have more time, space, and energy to explore and create what's in their hearts to do.

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Introducing our brand

Why work with us - will it be a good fit?

The most authentic way we can collaborate with your brand, product, or message is if it helps to create a bridge for our audience in one or more of our core focuses of simplifying life, spiritual discovery, or superhuman living.

Simplifying Life
  • Does it simplify life in some way?
  • Does it help free up time?
  • Does it diminish friction or chaos that hinders goals?
  • Does it promote being present and appreciating the little things?
Spiritual Discovery
  • Does it give an expanded perspective on traditional religious beliefs?
  • Does it provide answers that aren't trite or dismissive?
  • Does it help cultivate spiritual practices and abilities?
Superhuman Living
  • Does it challenge socially accepted human limitations?
  • Does it offer alternative options for health, fitness, or aging?
  • Does it nurture a higher identity awareness - a "being heartset" over a "doing" mindset?


David is Costa Rican and grew up as a pastor/missionary kid in Costa Rica. Christina grew up homeschooled in an entrepreneurial family, spending some of her teenage years in China.

Some of our personal experience since getting married includes living debt free since 2005, working together from home since 2010, adopting a minimalist mindset, homeschooling year-round, and traveling up to 8 months of the year since 2012, and completely deconstructing and renovating our Christian foundation since 2015.

Some of the Brands We've Worked With

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